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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Is there going to be a Galliday in Florida's Walt DisneyWorld any time soon?


A:  I promise you all it's in the works!



Q:  Can you make Galliday on or around the same time as Gallifrey 1?



A: The simple answer is sorry but no.  Many people cannot afford both so close together / at the same time. Many people will not take off a day from the convention to spend at Disneyland. There are a lot of people who come in from other states to attend the convention and that is a large expense. Rather people had enough time to save up and enjoy both events whenever possible. 




Q: How do you register for a "team"?



A: There is no registration needed. A "Team" is just a nickname for your group of friends you spent the day with.  When it comes time to form teams for the Riddle Quest, simply pick a name for your group. It could be something made up, it could be the photographer's name, it could be the name of the person who carpooled you there, or the name of your pet!




Q: Can you make Galliday on a weekday or a Saturday?



A: It's just not feesable to do it on a weekday or Saturday.  We want to make sure that Galliday is as accessable to as many people as possible.   Those who do not have annual passes will always have to buy a ticket for the day, this is true. As will SoCal Select holders. A weekend day will ensure that those people who cannot attend due to work or school don't miss out!  Saturdays are not available to either SoCal OR SoCal Select holders, so naturally Sunday is the best selection.

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