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Name Game

Every Galliday event has a name! We have had The Oncoming Storm, The Next ReGeneration, Jelly Baby Jamboree, A Whole Who World, Bibbidi-Bobbidi-WhoWhokuna Matata, Finding Rory, and now, Harkness vs. Sparrow!!!


In order to determine what we should call our next event, we usually play some sort of Name Game. The winning person or team gets to pick the next event's name!!!






Harkness vs. Sparrow NAME GAME


Time Lords and Ladies! As we are set to have a super fun Galliday this upcoming event, we would like to make the game fun for EVERYONE!




Absolutely everyone is allowed to participate regardless of age! No equipment needed!  And here's how:


1. Pick your side! Are you team Harkness? Or are you Team Sparrow?

2. At the noon meetup in front of the castle, I will ask for an outgoing volunteer from each team to be TEAM "CAPTAIN". If multiple people want to volunteer for the position, then the group will become the "Crew" and they are to elect a "Captain" within the team.

3. Team Captains (and possible crew) will have the duty of asking your fellow Galliday goers:

a. What team they are on

b. If they are on your team, if they could name the next Galliday, what would they name it?

c. The Captain is to write down all the Titles they collect, as well as the first and last name of the person who suggested it. (a notebook will be provided for each team)

d. The Captain (or Crew) that collects the most Titles by the end of the day will be declared the winning team!

e. The best Title from the winning team will be the name of the next Galliday!!




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