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FULL Itinerary

(subject to change)


Friendly Reminder:
Please remember to be on your BEST behavior while at the park. this means respecting the cast members and each other.
At absolutely no time is it appropriate to costume bash, or be rude.
This event is meant to bring us together as a fandom. Be nice.
11 am

Harkness vs. Sparrow game INTRODUCTION - and-

Wayward Travelers Meetup

Meet at the Walt and Mickey statue to participate in Harkness Vs. Sparrow Game. Learn the rules!!!!!
The best name from the winning team will be the name of the Next Galliday! the winning Crew will also earn prizes!
Just because you come alone doesn't mean you have to spend the whole day by yourself!!!  Meet up With Chief Constable Justin and he will take all Solo travelers on a group adventure around Disneyland! if you miss the meetup, don't worry! You can join the group at any time!!!
Traveling Solo? Look for the HAt!!
12:00 Noon   (gathering will start at around 11:45)



PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY!!!!!! - In front of the castle We need to get in and out A.S.A.P.   This is for the GROUP photo only. Individual Doctors and themed groups will be done later at the Esplandade meetup.

12:10 - 1:00

Lunch at Pizza Port


We shall invade the Pizza Port in TomorrowLand for lunch as a tremendous group. There should be enough room for all of us in the large seating area behind the restaurant.


Carousel Takeover


As one ginormous group, we shall go forth and, without fear, take on the perilous centrifuge called the Carousel! See how we run!

3:00pm - 4:30pm

Whovian Group Picture Meetup and Children's Costume Contest


Meet in the esplanade between parks for group pictures! This will take most of the hour.

Directly following the group pictures will be the Children's Costume Contest.  (Ages 1 - 12 may participate)





Meet us on the banks of Rivers of America where we will board the Sailing Ship Columbia

(alternatively the Mark Twain if not available)

Immediately following our trip, We shall be heading directly for Pirates of the Caribbean

Directly Following Pirates - Till Dinner Break

Take over rides as a group!

After Pirates:

Indiana Jones > Jungle Cruise > Tiki Room > Star Tours . . .

Etc. until it is time for dinner!

Trader Sam's.JPG

afterparty at trader sam's

Drag your tired bones on over to trader sam's at the disneyland hotel to unwind! kick your feet up and warm up under the heat lamps, and have a drink or some late night chow, and recount your adventures throughout the day!


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